postheadericon Warning over licence points

The Institute of Advanced Motorists has called for improvements in driver training as news emerges that more than 30,000 young male drivers have up to 6 penalty points on their licences.

The data was released by the DVLA and shows that there are now 30,850 male drivers in the 17 to 20 category with 6 points, compared with only 9,758 female drivers in the same age group.

Those people searching for used cars Birmingham will be aware of the problems that penalty points can cause, including higher insurance premiums and barring from some job roles.

However the IAM is more concerned with the bigger picture, which includes high insurance premiums but also takes into account falling safety rates.

Chief Executive of the IAM, Simon Best discussed the situation confirming his organisations’ belief that the current driver training system had an “inability” to deal with the lack of experience shown by many drivers.  He urged the government to take the figures into account as they develop changes to the current driver training system.

One of the proposed changes would see drivers aged 17 unable to drive alone, even after passing their test. This alone would see the 358 male drivers aged 17 who already have 6 penalty points being a thing of the past.

postheadericon 5 Types Of Window Films You Can Go For

Traditionally, window films have been used in big religious buildings such as churches, mosques and temples. Nevertheless, more and more people are using these films in their homes and in their cars. In simple terms, a window film is produced by laminating a number of elements together in various configurations depending on the finally purpose. There are five basic types of window films, which are:

Clear films:  This film is not reflective because it does not have any metal in it to reflect or block solar radiation. Even so, they can provide UV rays protection of the manufacturer included a UV ray inhibitor during the production process. This film is mainly used as protective film for anti-graffiti and safety purposes. When used as protective film, it is usually thicker than when used as a solar control film.

Dyed films: As the name may suggest, dyed film comes in various colours. Manufacturers produce the film two main ways, which are applying dye to the actual polyester film or mixing the dye into the mounting or laminating adhesives. The preferred method from any standpoint is to apply the dye directly onto the base film.

Metalized films: These are films with reflective properties, and contain metals. Vacuum coating is the process of adhering metals to polyester film base to give it a metalized ply. Manufacturers use three main techniques to achieve this process.

Hybrid films: This is simply a combination of metalized films. Manufacturers take the best properties of both films and bring them together to make one excellent non-reflective, heat rejection film. They are more durable than dyed films.

Ceramic films: This film is not metalized or dyed. Instead, manufacturers use a sputtered coating procedure to create this film by sputtering titanium nitride on a layer of polyester film. It is a high performance film with long lasting properties.

postheadericon Young Drivers at Risk From Poor Tyre Maintenance

A survey carried out jointly by Tyresafe and insurers Ingenie has found that many young drivers are putting their lives and the lives of their passengers at risk because of a lack of knowledge about the legalities of their tyres.

The survey found that more than a third of drivers between 18 and 25 had never checked their tyres for either tread depth or correct pressure.

As many drivers who have visited car dealers Glasgow will be aware, the fine for illegal tyre depth is £2500 together with 6 penalty points, yet 85% of the young drivers questioned claimed not to be aware of this fact.

Stuart Jackson, the chairman of TyreSafe commented that the survey highlighted a need for more education in younger drivers, saying “‘Regular basic tyre maintenance is a critical element of being a safe and responsible driver, yet these latest findings would suggest that this message is being lost on young drivers today. We saw an increase last year in the number of tyre related road casualties and if we fail to take immediate action in educating young drivers about the need to look after their tyres properly, sadly we can only expect to see this figure rise further.’

postheadericon Selfie Trend Sweeps Instagram

The notion of people taking self-portraits, known as Selfies, and uploading them to social media sites is hardly a new concept. However, recently, a dangerous new form of selfie has been noticed – from car drivers.

To date, over 3 million photographs have been uploaded with the tags #drivinghome and #driving.

The use of mobile phones whilst driving is of course illegal and punishable by a fine and licence points, but this does not seem to be deterring the dangerous fad.

When buying a car from car dealers Hertfordshire, it is taken for granted that motorists will take any and all necessary precautions to protect themselves and other road users.

Discussing the trend, Dr Linda Degutis of the National Centre for Injury Prevention and Control in the US said “it’s especially risky for young inexperienced drivers who are already extremely vulnerable to crashes to be distracted when they are behind the wheel. Answering a call or reading a text is never worth a loss of life.”

In addition to Dr Degutis, manufacturer Toyota have also backed calls for Instagram to fine members who post these selfies, releasing a video showing an accident in slow-motion with the slogan “don’t shoot and drive.

postheadericon Top 3 Reasons To Offer Valet Service To Your Clients

Valet service or valet parking service is offered by a lot of commercial establishments including restaurants, hotels, clubs, and casinos. What the valets do is get the car keys from their clients and they would be the once in charge of parking the cars. They are also responsible for driving the car back to the main entrance once the clients have to go already. If you own a restaurant or any related commercial establishment, it is practical to offer valet services. Here are the reasons to do so:

It is convenient for the customers

Valet parking can be very convenient to your customers. You want your customers to experience convenience don’t you? Such service would allow them to enjoy your place without having to go through all the hassles of parking or even looking for a parking spot. It is because of convenience that a lot of customers are more than willing to pay for valet parking.

It improves the image of your business

Also, valet parking can help improve the image of your business. It turns your business from a regular one into a very high-class one. Would not it be nice if you offer valet parking services to your clients and our business competitors don’t? That would definitely put you on a nice competitive edge. As a businessman, it is your goal to make sure that your business stands out among the other business rivals.

It is very affordable

You do not have to worry about the price of valet parking services. There are a lot of companies out there which offer their services at very competitive and affordable rates. If you do not want to worry about the fees, you can always opt for the option where your clients are the ones who pay directly to the valets.

postheadericon Poor Electric Car Sales Discussed

Those people searching for used cars Buckie may be unlikely to take on an electric car due to poor knowledge and the perception of high costs associated with running one, according to a survey carried out by a leading fleet leasing company.

The survey talked to consumers regarding the reasons they would cite for choosing a standard petrol or diesel car over an electric or hybrid model and found that “people are resistant to change, therefore education and awareness are key.”

With many garages now having green targets, the prospect of customer reluctance is a problem for many. However, Alphabet Mobility Solutions who carried out the research seemed unfazed by the temporary problem, saying “As with all new technologies, there is reluctance among businesses to be the first to take the risk, with the majority of organisations looking to understand what others are doing before taking the plunge themselves”. He then discussed the need for further information, saying “Indeed, for EV adoption rates to rise, the industry needs to truly demonstrate the benefits of EVs in action, while acknowledging that they are only one part of the total mobility mix.”

The company further admitted that the issue pointed to further training needs for their staff.

postheadericon Drink Driving Rises Amongst Elderly Drivers

Worrying new figures reveal that the number of elderly drivers drinking and driving is rising.

Whilst police figures show that 232 people over the age of 75 have been caught driving under the influence in the last year, highlights that this represents a rise of 20% since 2010.

In addition, the same figures showed that over 50’s make up 15% of all drivers caught for drinking and driving. In geographical terms, the lowest number of offenders caught drinking and driving were found in the North East of England and Yorkshire.

Drink Driving has long been a point of controversy with many campaigners now believing that the limit should be lowered to zero. The dangers of drinking and driving are well highlighted and many of the people taking advantage of car sales Stevenage are warned of the dangers by a variety of television and media campaigns.

Roman Bryl, of discussed the worrying trend, saying: “Drink-driving is not acceptable at any age. Although great strides have been made to tackle this in younger people, the number of motorists drink-driving from the older generations is still worryingly high.

In turn, a spokesman for the Department for Transport said: “Road safety is a top priority and Britain’s roads are some of the safest in the world. There has been a downward trend in the number of collisions caused by drink-driving over the past decade, with our campaigns helping to change attitudes and make drink-driving socially unacceptable.However, we are not complacent and that is why we are taking forward a package of measures to streamline enforcement against drink-driving – including approving new breath-testing equipment which will allow for more effective and efficient enforcement.”

postheadericon Nissan Win Best Used Car of the Year

In a closely fought battle, the Nissan Qashqai has been named Best Used Car of the Year.

The celebrations for Nissan are the latest in a long line of accolades given to the Qashqai, which has now been named the Best SUV in the annual What Car? Used Car Awards for the third year in a row.

The What Car? awards are always particularly hard fought in all categories, but the judges singled out the Qashquai for particular praise, saying “for the third year running, the Qashqai wins the used SUV category. Motorists love its chunky looks, visibility and safety features. It’s really a small family car in disguise.” The judging panel also praised the vehicles’ reliability, technology and standard features.

For their part, Nissan were thrilled to receive the award and Jim Wright, the Managing Director of Nissan GB said “the fact that the Qashqai is still winning important industry awards six years after its launch speaks volumes for its design and quality. The whole workforce is extremely proud of the Qashqai, and we’re thrilled their hard work is continuing to be recognised.”

In addition to achieving phenomenal sales figures, with many people searching for used cars Whitstable opting for the Qashqai, the car has now scooped over 13 titles and awards and has become the most highly decorated British car ever.

postheadericon EPA Labels for Used Cars

Many people buying new cars in the last few months will be aware of the labelling system which helps them to establish whether the car they’re looking at purchasing is economic and environmentally friendly or not.

The system for new cars has seen so much success that the Environmental Protection Agency is now trialling a further project aimed at used cars.

The hope is that the stickers which will be placed on all used cars for sale in Watford will enable buyers to make a reliable and informed choice as they peruse the forecourts. In the first instance, all used cars dating back to 1984 will receive the labels which will be based on the values the vehicle would have held when new.

Obviously, in using the original data, declines which may have occurred since the car was new can’t possibly be included, but the EPA claim that the data and the comparative values will remain. They say “As a vehicle’s fuel economy changes very little over a typical 15-year life with proper maintenance, the original EPA fuel economy estimate remains the best indicator of a used vehicle’s average gas mileage.”

Interested parties can also see a full breakdown of the figures with additional information on the EPA fuel economy website.

postheadericon It’s Easy to Find Quality Used Cars in Buckinghamshire

When looking for used cars, Buckinghamshire residents should take the time to ensure the cars they are buying really are of a high standard and that the deals they are getting really are good value. After all, the whole point of buying a used car is to save money and that will not happen if they do not choose their vehicle wisely, whether it be through a bad deal, or a large repair bill down the line, but how exactly do Buckinghamshire drivers find the best used cars? They use the internet.


By using the internet to find used cars, Buckinghamshire drivers can ensure they get the best possible deals. They can do this firstly by finding the most reputable dealers with the best prices. They can also do this by researching the most economical cars which best fit their needs. Theycan further do this by researching the market value of used cars and the likelihood of them developing faults down the line.


Of course, the internet will only get them so far and then they will have to visit the dealer where they will need to inspect the vehicle and paperwork closely to ensure they really are getting the best deal.